Romantic Weekend Getaway Packages

Romantic Weekend Getaway Packages

This article is about planning your romantic weekend getaway. To view getaway packages’ offers please make sure that your Adblock filter is deactivated.

Romantic Weekend Getaway PackagesWhat should a perfect romantic weekend getaway package contain? Every hotel will offer you accommodation, bed and breakfast. A romantic getaway package would include accommodation in a luxurious superior room or suite. You can also ask / check for the following:

  • A glass or bottle of champagne upon arrival makes for a good beginning of your getaway.
  • A bottle of champagne in an ice bucket for the night.
  • A voucher for a candle light dinner in a local restaurant. Plan for a relaxed dinner every day, ideally in a quiet place with good food and service. Avoid loud spots with no possibility of focusing on conversation.
  • What about roses in your room? Flowers create a perfect romantic mood.
  • Some hotels offer rose petal turndown service (which means covering your bed with rose petals and sometimes sprinkling the bed with some rose water),
  • Private bonfire lit for you by a butler – a good idea if you book your getaway in special location like a beach hotel.
  • Access to spa or wellness centre would greatly contribute to a relaxed climate during your romantic weekend getaway.
  • If you book an all-inclusive romantic weekend getaway package and not only a hotel stay, look for transfer from / to airport inclusive. You’ll be able to relax with your partner instead of concentrating on your luggage.

Locations for a romantic weekend getaway

When booking a romantic weekend getaway package pick a special location, where you can enjoy the weekend together without being disturbed by crowds. Try to avoid crowded locations and time when literally everybody goes to vacations. Pick a spot far enough for the both of you and your partner to make sure you feel you are on vacations. Some ideas about places include:

  • an island far from the everyday life,
  • a beach hotel or bungalow with a bonfire on the beach,
  • a hotel / chateau in the mountains,
  • spa hotel for relaxing together,
  • a safari hotel with perfect sunsets.

How to plan a romantic weekend getaway?

A fair share of the end effect depends on your planning. Watch the video on the right sidebar about romantic getaway planning, or look at the point below. If you want to enjoy the getaway and make it memorable, check the following:

  • coordinate schedules to get the weekend free. You don’t want to be in a hurry, because there is something on Friday evening you must necessarily do before the departure. You would like to focus on each other and not on anything else.
  • pick up the right location together. The secret to a romantic weekend getaway is a place and activity you both will enjoy. Collaborate with your partner to plan your weekend getaway together. Everything from picking the right hotel to wake up time to deciding who will be driving must be planned together. The precise planning will prevent most misunderstandings and arguments during your romantic getaway.
  • make arrangements at home to have undisturbed weekend. Avoid unpleasant surprises which might destroy your getaway, by taking care of things before you leave.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article and find the ideas above useful. I wish you that you find a perfect romantic weekend getaway package for you and your partner.

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  1. Adriana says:

    thanks for share!

  2. Lisa says:

    I love getaways to help me feel sfererhed and renewed. But my absolute favorite part is number 4 on your list I love to laugh and share in laughter with others during a getaway. I hope you had a great time.

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